1. ussvertigo

    P4 mounted on Motorcycle: Updated additional video

    Mounted P4 on back of my bike as experiment to catch bikes in lean on sharp corners at "Tail of the Dragon" at Deals Gap. I had a slightly bent front brake rotor that made the camera shutter as I hit the apex of the curve messing up the video right where I wanted the shot. Will try again couple...
  2. O

    Want to film a motorcycle rider...from head on

    Ok, so this is a tricky one, and I'd appreciate any guidance and tips. I want to shoot a music video. The concept is to ride a motorcycle down a long, wide open road and have the drone about 10 feet up directly in front of me, focused on my face. I would be driving and lip-syncing the words...
  3. DesignFlaw06

    Foam for motorcycle top box

    So I have a plan, but I could use some advice. I have a Yamaha FJR, a sport touring bike with hard luggage. On the back is a top box. Here is what the inside of the top box looks like. I checked, and the P3 will fit in there. But now it needs to be secured somehow. My thinking is a...
  4. narf_44

    Motorcycle Mountain Enduro - Papua New Guinea

    This is my latest video. All self shot with my Phantom 3 Pro using way points function as well as my Nikon D600 camera. Check out my fb page to keep up with my adventures thru PNG. Security Check Required