motor overload

  1. C

    Roll motor overloaded + tilted

    I've been having problems with my p4 for a while now. My gimbal started by "bouncing" during flight and sending me gimbal motor overloaded warnings. I did some research and decided to replace the yaw arm (because it was bent), the roll motor, and the gimbal ribbon cable. I did so and have seen...
  2. H

    Phantom 3 standard "battery error"

    So i changed the esc, motors & all 4 leds. When i turn on phantom and connect everything it says battery error motor overload.. Then i look at the status it says everything is normal except under battery it says invalid battery. But im pretty sure this battery is original. It was working with...
  3. av8shunmeckaneck

    Motor Overload

    Has anybody had the 'motor overload' message when at high altitude? I didn't think to capture a screen shot when it happened but the message also says something like, it will reduce motor speed. I went flying this weekend and got the message a couple of times. I was at about 5000ft ASL. First...