motor mounts

  1. Sasquad

    Installing motor mounts for stress crack avoidance

    I just purchased a set of aluminum motor mounts for the Phantom 3 advanced. I am looking at the length of the screws included. They seem long, and I don't want them running up into the motor and hitting on the magnets. My question is, has anyone installed these and if so do you recall how long...
  2. H

    Changing the shell, motor mounting problem

    Hi, I had a little crash with my P3A and one of the arms bent. So I got another body, so I was putting all the parts into the new one and when I wanted to screw the motors in, I found out that there is a different mounting system. View the photos. On the photo with the motor, there is the new...
  3. S

    Anyone tried this motor mounts before? PGY motor mounts for p4

    Anyone tried this motor mounts before? or any comment on it? PGY motor clips|none
  4. M

    I finally got the dreaded stress cracks.

    I bought my Phantom 3 Professional the week that it came out back in the beginning of the year. When I heard about the stress crack thing I made it a habit of checking my phantom before and after each flight. The weird thing is they weren't there after my last flight and I went to check before I...