motor issue

  1. R

    Phantom 3 motors not properly spinning when trying to launch

    Recently i got a used DJI Phantom 3 Standard. Everything seems to work as it should besides when i try to take off. I have updated the firmware, calibrated the controller , and tried the automatic take off from the app (DJI GO). When i pull both sticks down to an almost touching position the...
  2. G

    P3A motor noise

    First, the motor made a strange metallic clicking noise when I turned it with my hand. After that, I made 2 short <5 min flights, and in the second one I accidentally crashed into a branch of a tree and the drone fell on the props onto the ground. There was no damage except one broken prop...
  3. PapaMic

    Loose Rotor Indicator

    I had a first happen to me today. I was out flying when I had an indicator go off on my DJI App saying that a had a loose blade or a stalled motor (similar to that at least). I quickly brought it back and landed without incident. I check all the blades and they were all tight. I had to...
  4. R

    Standard Motor problem

    Ive recently crashed my p3 standard, aftrr crashing i had to replace the yaw arm on thr camera, the ribbon cable and also 2 motors. Unfortunantley the 2 motors i have replaced are not working either. I replaced both motors on one side of the p3 and when i turn it on it does nothing on that...
  5. H

    Standard P3S Possible motor or esc damage. Please help

    So yeah I had crashed my drone into a tree. And damaged all gimble wires. So I replaced all the wires running to the gimble . Then I took off the prop guards and damaged my motors cause the screw were to long. So when i turned on the motors they were acting all retarded. So i went and baught...
  6. H

    Standard Phantom 3 standard says its in flight but the motors do nothing??

    So my phantom 3 standard turns on but the motors do nothing. When i attempt to start the motors it says on the phone that its in flight, but the motors are not moving at all. Any help would be very much appreciated.