1. Jasonrowphoto

    Misty Dawn Over Brighton Pier: Another 4am Start

    Taken on a late April morning in 2018. I arrived in Brighton at around 4.30am and it was so foggy you could barely see 5m ahead. I decided to see if the early mist would clear and luckily for me, it did.
  2. Jasonrowphoto

    You Don't Always Need To Go High

    The Odessa Opera House at dawn in Southern Ukraine. Just a few meters up
  3. Jasonrowphoto

    The Advantages Of Getting Up Early

    This was a 4am start and shooting starting at 4.30am 15 minutes before sunrise. St Michaels Mount in Cornwall UK
  4. A

    Amazingly beautiful sunrise - 4K

  5. BMZ06

    Sunrise on a Foggy Morning

    Hello DJI community! I wanted to upload some cool sunrise photos for you to view comment on. These are some of the first photos I took with my Phantom 3 Standard, so don't expect too much as I'm not much experienced yet. Thanks! -BMZ06
  6. dougvg

    P4 Pro won't fly directly into the sun

    Or even close, actually. When the sun is at a very low angle and the aircraft is headed toward it, the front sensors apparently misread the sun as an object in the path, and it refuses to fly forward. Well, at least we don't have to worry about the Phantom flying into the sun and melting, like...
  7. Skyer

    Flying through clouds - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Took a short flight on a cold morning, as the sun started to shine through the morning fog... Comments, Likes, and new Subscribers are always appreciated!
  8. Dan Redding

    Sunrise Over Shoreham Port

    Hi Guys Myself and a friend (who is the pilot and owner) have worked together on one project before and decided to get together and do this as a showcase of what we can do together.. And to learn how to use the duel controls together.. Feedback appreciated. (More info on Vimeo description)...