1. Chameleon99

    UK...somebody please capture the blood moon tonight

    Where I am located is forecast cloudy tonight (Fri 27th July)...darn....just putting a plea out for anyone with a clear sky and good view to capture tonight's blood moon, pleeeease (and share it). Cheers folks
  2. SoCalDude

    Supermoon and Pier

    I flew my drone out over the ocean to photograph the "Supermoon" on Monday evening. Drone cameras aren't the best for very distant objects, such as supermoons, but here is the result of my flight. The orange tone of the moon was very evident being low on the horizon. That evening, my bird had...
  3. Tom Connell

    Super Moon 11-13-16

    Although not captured with my P3P, I was thinking about flying the drone when this came up. Not a great pic by any means and I should not have used the 1.6 Digital magnification, but I wanted it large. So thought I would put it here for some to see. Going to shoot it tomorrow night again with...