1. E

    Voltage monitor

    I had a bad experience with Voltage Monitor. I was charging the batteries looking at the voltage monitor and discovered that the indication is saturating at 4.20 V which also is the maximum suggested voltage. Unfortunately I did wait a few to shut down the charger, just to see the first...
  2. D

    Stop on waypoints

    I have a question about the waypoints because if i want to take an air photo on each point that I established on the route to have the same view I would use route navigation. The thing is how can I make the p4 stop on each of this points in order to have the same view to make it easier to take...
  3. BenjiAlpineP3p

    Phantom / Inspire Macbook FPV Solved! / Tutorial

    Dear Phantom and Inspire Owners, After allot of web research and two weeks of testing I have finally found and tested a reliable working solution / signal flow for us to use our Macbooks as FPVs with amazing monitoring possibilities. The biggest two problems when approaching this topic are...