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    Flying Drone Hammer Inspired by Thor's Mjolnir

    Flying Drone Hammer Inspired by Thor’s Mjolnir - WeTalkUAV
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    For Those With Hacked Drones, DJI is Fighting Back

    If you modded or hacked your DJI drone, then this might be of some interest to you: DJI is Now Fighting Against DJI Hacks - WeTalkUAV
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    Like New MAxxrange f/s Maxxuav itelite DBS Antenna for p3+ p4

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    How's does this battery compare to the multistar 5200mah? .. dual batt. Mod

    Title change: How* 1. 4S Carbon V-Max 110C LiPo Pack Battery w/Deans (15.2V/6500mAh) by Team Orion [ORI14077] | Cars & Trucks Seems good, but the price is a little on the top shelf side. Anyone know how this battery works with the dual battery mod on the p3/p4?^^ 2.FlowerPower Infinity LIHV...
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    P3P Dual Battery Mod Short Basic Test Video

    Here's a video of the first launch using the dual battery mod strapped towards the center near the camera for optimal weight distribution.