1. Chameleon99

    First question from UK newbie...tablets/phones and data contract

    Hey fellow pilots. Newbie to the forum from Cumbria (North England) here....I'm tempted to get a phantom and wondered if someone could explain something first please - I can find plenty spec info online for the phantoms but I am having difficulty finding out an answer to the
  2. Fdnyfish

    For Sale: OSmo Mobile BNIB /SOLD

    I have a Brand New In Box (Still in plastic) DJI Osmo Mobile Black for sale. Direct from DJI $250 includes shipping to the lower 48
  3. Goldie

    Alexander park, Pushkin

    New video taken with Osmo Mobile
  4. Elqueso2

    Mobile Device & Data Plan Dilemma – What’s a mother to do?

    Need some advice regarding using a mobile device with data or without and Mobile devices, I read so much and its mostly for P3 & P4 I’m presently using my Samsung Note 4 (Andriod 6) which is my daily use phone. I reboot it and try to shut down most of the unneeded apps before flying and the...
  5. jasonjlee

    OSMO Mobile App

    Hey guys! Just curious, but what app do you use for the OSMO besides the DJI Go App. I'm using the Filmic Pro, and so far I'm getting good feedback from it.
  6. Alex Assenmacher

    Valencia, osmo mobile + p3p + gopro 4K

    My latest video shot in Valencia, mixing again footage of my p3p, osmo mobile, and gopro :) hope you like it :)
  7. Alex Assenmacher

    My review of the osmo mobile + cinematic shots

    Dear people, I've made a review of the DJI Osmo Mobile, to mix the footage with my drone footage and make even better videos, I hope you enjoy it! What do you think?
  8. R

    Mobile phones connected to P3P

    Hey Guys, I need some advise. I'm about to do a demo with the P3P with 1 phone connected one each side total of 2 phones. So most of the stuff is done and tested. I designed and 3D printed the phone holders which look very steady. I have tested the drone flying outdoors with both phones...
  9. M

    South Alabama area

    I'm brand new to the drone world, having just purchased a P4. Are there any other drone pilots in Mobile County, Alabama?