mobile device holder

  1. P

    Will my iPad 4th generation fit on the transmitter

    I downloaded the dji go app for my iPad and i use it with my phantom 3 standard but I have to use an adapter so i was wondering will it fit on the larger mobile device holder on the phantom 4. Thanks
  2. Flying Dre

    P4 RC plastic mobile device holder - stopped working

    Hi guys, I've had P4 for a couple of weeks and only done 2-3 hours of flying. Overall very happy with the drone. The only thing I am very disappointed with is the plastic mobile device holder that simply stopped clamping the phone in place. Must be a very sh*tty cheap mechanism inside that lost...
  3. A

    DJI Mobile device holder required for NVIDEA Shield K1?

    Planning on buying the NVIDEA Shield K1 for my drone, but would like to know if the Extended mount will be enough, or do I need to install the new holder for it? Thanks!
  4. S

    P3 Crappy Mobile Device Holder Replacement

    I absolutely love my P3 Professional, however, the crappy mobile device holder that comes with the remote has been driving me crazy. I have a $300 IPad mini shaking around on that plastic clip that makes me more nervous than the $1,200 bird. On a whim I ordered the Inspire 1 mobile device...