1. furthertofly

    Above Fisher Towers #2

    P4P+; near Moab, Utah.
  2. furthertofly

    N. Six-Shooter Peak and its shadow at sunset.

    Indian Creek district, outside Canyonlands NP, Utah. La Sal Mountains and Moab in the distance. Shot at about 1 km distance and 500 m altitude on a cold afternoon in late November.
  3. gringorio

    Moab Area/Red Rock Country

    Here's a video of the better clips from 4 flights in the Moab area yesterday with my P3P:
  4. NotARubicon

    Flying in Moab, Utah ?

    Will be spending the next week in Utah, mostly Moab doing some quality Jeeping and hopefully flying the P3A, but not sure where I can, or cannot fly .. I know that the national parks/forests are off limits.. and i'm guessing that official (Utah) state parks are also off-limits.. Guessing that...
  5. wphillips4947

    Exploring Moab Utah, Spring 2016

    Comments and criticism welcome!