1. T

    What's the state of screen mirroring?

    I tried searching but didn't find much. I've got a P4Pro with an Ipad display and might be deploying into eastern NC. What are folks using to mirror the drone output to nearby devices? I don't want the HDMI out option because I don't want to be tied to a cord. I've seen posts in the past talking...
  2. sumwhat1

    Is FPV possible with the P4P+?

    I understand there are limitations with the use of an external usb device with the P4P+, such as not being able to use the DJI GO app. Is there any way to mirror and split the screen to another android device in order to use FPV goggles (Like the Google Cardboard)? If not, that seems rather...
  3. E

    Mirror DJI GO in WIFI

    Mirror DJI GO in WIFI