1. Tyler Mason

    Aerial history of Minneapolis

    My company just released this project that documents the history of Minneapolis on the 150th anniversary of the city. It's a bit long (~15 minutes), but I think pilots here will enjoy it. It's a mix of current-day drone footage and historic videos/images of the same buildings to show how the...
  2. Tyler Mason

    University of Minnesota athletic complex construction

    Flew a few weeks ago at the University of Minnesota campus. They're building a new football practice facility, as well as a few other athletic buildings. Hoping they'll have us back out again to capture more footage as the progress continues. Here's the video.
  3. Tyler Mason

    Target Field in Minneapolis — 1 week until Opening Day!

    The Minnesota Twins might be terrible again this year, but at least they've got a beautiful stadium! (Pic taken with a Phantom 4)
  4. Tyler Mason

    Picture of Minneapolis and iconic sign

    One of my favorite shots I've captured with my drone: Gold Medal
  5. AirVūz

    Drone Super Ball

    I have seen the Minneapolis skyline many ways, but this is a new one. Check out this "AirVūz Super Ball" production and let me know what you think. I am guessing those pilots (and production team) had a fun time with this one. Check it out here: Drone Super Ball