1. Infidel0007

    My diy dji p3 mounted EMP generator

    My DIY EMP (electromagnetic pulse generator) In theory, pulse of L Band (1 to 2 GHz) and S Band (2 to 4 GHz) microwave energy to disrupt the electronics of the target enemy drone. Is this regulated in anyway? Ready to start field testing..
  2. mattdbal

    Radio Line of Sight Surveying

    Hey everyone, *Note: I did a bit of searching before deciding to post this I use drones for microwave/radio tower inspection and sometimes line of sight surveying. As we all know, phantoms don't have a zoom on the camera which is proving line of sight surveying to be difficult. Does anyone...
  3. WetDog

    Windsurfer reflective surface considerations

    Many of the threads on the Windsurfer type antenna booster talk about the kind and arrangement of the metallic material used as the reflector. Typically aluminum or copper tape or sheet is used. One area of concern is how smooth the surface needs to be in order to prevent losses from spurious...