microsd card

  1. Daskid

    Samsung PRO+ 64GB microSD on sale!

    Hello there! Just got 3 Samsung PRO+ 64GB for $24.99 each from BestBuy. I think this is a great deal! LINK
  2. V

    What's the best way to download images and video from my Phantom 4? Also - what's best for editing?

    Hello. I've taken some photos and videos with my Phantom 4, but would like to know what is the best way to download the images/videos to my desktop computer and hard drive? Directly connect the drone to a USB port, or remove the micro SD card and insert directly to my computer? What is the...
  3. dynamic3dSolutions

    New Polar Pro Nesting Case, 6 polar pro lens,18 micro sd cards & sd card adapter.

    This Polar pro Nesting Case case holds 6 polar pro lenses, 18 micro sd cards & 1 micro sd card adapter. The polar pro lens caddy is lined with a non-scratch felt and has a great fit. There is a gap at the back of the caddy while inside the case for a small lens cloth. This fits the...
  4. llyons92

    Deal of the day 128 pny micro sd

    Amazon.com: PNY 128GB High Speed MicroSDXC Memory Card (P-SDUX128U160G-GE): Computers & Accessories hopefully people see this in time. going for 29.99$
  5. B

    .mov File Unsupported

    When I try to play downloaded .mov files from the microsd card from my Phantom 3 Advance, I get the message "file unsupported" and cannot play them on my Ipad. I am downloading the file directly from the card to the Ipad with the Apple sd card reader. The files download without any problems...