memory card

  1. Kristina Fowler

    Memory requirement for 60 minutes of 2720 x 1530; 50FPS??

    Any ideas on how to calculate the memory requirements per hour (or per minute) for a 2720 x 1530; 50FPS video?? How much memory would be required to record 60 minutes? Thanks in advance....
  2. weedoman

    Retrieve video from iPad

    Hi All My micro SD has become corrupted (pretty sure I have a dodgy card reader). 2 questions: 1. How can I copy the low res video footage from my iPad Mini 2 to my PC so I don't lose today's flights completely? Can't browse to those files when I connect the iPad to my PC and can't seem to...
  3. Kkangas

    Won't let me record video- slow memory card error message

    I flew my P4 Pro today and recorded about 10 minutes of video on the 16gb memory card that came with the P4 (see attached photo) There was still about 10gb of space left on the card when I started getting a message saying that the memory card was writing too slowly and it stopped recording...
  4. Southam Creative

    Memory Card Slot Doesn't Hold Card

    Was just updating firmware, everything was fine, went to insert SD card in the slot and it will no longer secure the card. It doesn't "click-click" anymore. Sprayed a couple shots of air in there and still no luck. Would really rather not send it into DJI for such a minor issue. Thoughts?
  5. U

    SanDisk Extreme Pro microSDXC UHS-II

    Currently, this is Sandisks fastest writing microSDCX card. Is there a real big benefit (writing/image quality related) between using this card versus the regular 64GB cards that are more popular?
  6. Teuvo

    SD card not formatting

    I got a 64G Lexar 633x xc I for my phantom 4. Everything was working great and then all of a sudden it won't let me erase the clips from the drive. When I try to format it on the app it says card error and when I try to rewrite in in disk utilities on my mac it won't let me either... I'm stumped...
  7. D

    Invalid Memory Card after crash

    I recently hit a tree, damage was not too bad but now I get "invalid memory card" with all cards that previously worked. I don't see any damage and tried formatting the cards with no luck. I'd like to avoid taking the thing apart, any ideas?