1. Ian Bailey

    Southampton UK

    Hey there. I'm really interested in organising a meet in the near future for those in Southampton and surrounding areas, and just want to find out first how many would be keen on the idea. So.... Any takers?
  2. 28wins

    Who's on DJI+ Discover

    I would love to get a sense for how popular their app is. The less apps I have on my device, the better but I like the idea of being able to connect with other (P4) owners. DJI+ Discover - beyond flight
  3. S

    New member from SF Bay Area

    Hi Everyone, Just purchased a new P4. This is my first quad copter. Hoping to make some friends here. Great forum with ton of information. Need to know more about safe fly zones, may be we can set up local meet to enjoy our drones. Regards, Silver
  4. iammrbt

    Two P3P's fly together (From a regional meet up)

    Earlier today air kuld and I met for the first time and flew our P3P's around together. It as good fun and I got a chance to try out some things I've been wanting. Hope you enjoy the footage.