mechanical shutter

  1. TMM777

    DJI SERVICE IS NOT HONEST...or are they just overwhelmed?

    June 22nd sent in Phantom 4 pro for repair on the camera. The mechanical shutter didn't work and the horizon couldn't be corrected. The aircraft flew great. flying was really amazing. Nothing wrong with the my aircraft at all. The issue was only in the camera and associated parts. Several days...
  2. EPT160

    Over Exposure - Mechanical Shutter

    Hi All, Just started getting the 'over exposure' issue that some have reported. All was fine with my P4P until last flights, when all DNG and jpeg files were 2 to 2.5 stops over exposed. Was able to bring back the DNG files in CaptureOne or Photoshop. The video shot at the same time was...
  3. S

    Mechanical shutter at middle exposure

    Hello to everyone. All we know the issue on the P4P gimbal, witch twitches when taking pictures with the mechanical shutter. I agree the mechanical shutter isn't strictly needful on the P4P. On short-time exposures the gimbal twitches after the picture is taken and we have all the advantages of...