1. T

    Massachusetts in Fall - P4Pro (4K60)

    Hey all, just wanted to share this video here. It was shot this fall in Massachusetts. Any feedback is appreciated!
  2. jeffcutler

    Wanted critical comments - a few of my recent flight clips

    I've had my P3S for about five or six weeks; I've passed the 107 and am waiting for my hard card; in the interim, I've been practicing my flight control and videography with the aircraft. Below are a few clips I've created for which I'm looking for critical comments on flight control, video...
  3. FlyingWx

    New comer from Massachusetts

    Hello all, Phantom 3 standard owner and flyer here from the Billerica Massachusetts area. Already have a few hours flying my Phantom this past summer, been enjoying every minute flying it. Haven't had any luck in meeting other quad copter pilots sadly, so figured I would give a try on here...
  4. jlazz447

    Western MA / Hartford Flyers

    Anyone in this area on the message boards? Would love to meet up and fly with other people in the area. I have zero friends with drones ):