1. K

    Drone Found - Route 50 Maryland (Near DC)

    First, I know this may be the incorrect forum or place to put this, but please understand I am not a member here I am just trying to help out who ever lost this drone, please mods if necessary move this post to the correct forum location So straight to the point, I found a Drone this morning...
  2. A

    Helping Learning to Use a Drone in Maryland

    I am an aspiring drone owner and pilot in Baltimore, MD. Before I shell out $500 on my soon-to-be new hobby, I'd like to tag along with some people who know what they are doing. Is there anyone on this discussion board in my area interested in showing off to an aspiring newby? I don't need...
  3. Mike2A

    Drone Law in Maryland

    Recently had a friend ambushed by a 'caretaker' while flying at a local municipal park and told it was against Baltimore City law to fly any drones in any Baltimore City Parks. For sake of this discussion, he was flying within all FAA requirements. Discussed with an attorney friend of mine and...
  4. T

    First Litchi (Waypoint) planned video...

  5. J

    New Pilot in Maryland/Long Island

    Hey guys, JNG here. I just picked up a P3 4K and I'm looking for good places to shoot in Maryland/Long Island, NY.
  6. Mike_Noble

    Flying over the Chesapeake Bay

    I went to Beverly Triton Beach in Maryland this week. It's a great place to fly: It's secluded, it gives access to miles of open bay, and it's free to access.
  7. Mike_Noble

    Flying at White's Ferry in Maryland

    It was a great day yesterday, so I went flying at White's Ferry in Maryland. I took off from the Virginia shore, flew over a mile down the Potomac river with my P3S, and then checked out the river from VA some more.