mapping apps

  1. Hivemapper

    Get Litchi mission planning app free when you build a map.

    Greetings all, I just wanted to share this offer my company is currently making for DJI drone ops. We're looking for people to try uploading some video to and try building a 3D map. Not only is it currently free to open an account but we're offering to cover the cost of your...
  2. W

    (ask) about DroneDeploy for 3D Mapping

    Hi everyone. i just wanna ask about drone deploy. i use P4 first, for free user they only give us 500images to upload on they server to make project or something. and my question is, if i have 300Hectare to be change to 3D images (detail constuction) it will be take more than 500images right ...
  3. Haugh Hound

    Hello & help from South West Scotland

    Hi Guys, First post, so greetings from deepest South West Scotland where winter is well on its way, so flying days for my P3P 4K now few and far between until the spring! Got some problems when using mapping apps that I'm looking for some help on. Updated the DJI GO app a few weeks ago...