1. N

    Battery Malfunction

    So after a minor crash I am experiencing some odd behavior. I was flying low to the ground trying to get a cool shot of a friend when I went a little too low and clipped the landing gear. The drone flipped upside down and decided to take off spinning. It destroyed the props and I had to replace...
  2. PapaMic

    Loose Rotor Indicator

    I had a first happen to me today. I was out flying when I had an indicator go off on my DJI App saying that a had a loose blade or a stalled motor (similar to that at least). I quickly brought it back and landed without incident. I check all the blades and they were all tight. I had to...
  3. N

    Camera and Gimbal Went Crazy During Flight

    I was flying around dusk down in St. Thomas over water in a bay. I had turned of my LED so the lights wouldn't interfere with the footage. Everything was going great. I was making my way back getting some shots of the harbor when I started to get a warning about low light effecting the avoidance...
  4. F

    DJI Phantom 4 Pro/ App Malfuction

    My drone crashed in the water after my App crashed. DJI just wants to give me 15% off a new one instead of replacing it. Has anyone else ran into this kind of issue?
  5. H

    Professional P3P disconnected - weird problem. Pls help?

    Hello, A weird situation: I use P3P for several months, all working perfect. and suddenly when i started it 3 days ago - screen is grey and message "Disconnected" shows on top. i re-paired remote and drone, updated app, checked all settings and cable. Everything seems ok. i had no crash, no...
  6. T

    Did my Phantom 4 Pro Suddenly Brick During Flight?

    Hey everyone. I'm new, and I'm screwed. I was flying my work's P4Pro yesterday on Sport Mode, and it suddenly lost all connection. I'm new to flying, but I've flown enough to have noticed that this was different: usually when I lose signal, it goes in and out and is usually corrected within a...
  7. S

    Motor malfunctioning after switching another motor

    Alright, so I crashed my DJI phantom 2. One of the motors acted weird so I decided to switch it. After switching both motor and ESC, another motor is now malfunctioning (i.e. not starting at all). Anyone with a good guess at what might have happened? There is power going to the ESC at the...
  8. A

    Gimbal malfunctioning after minor crash, video still working

    So I've had the P4 for only 3 days and I've already managed to crash it. It flew without incident the first 2 km, then on its flight today, of no more than 5 metres, an unexpectedly strong gust of wind came up when the drone was at an altitude of about 2.5 metres, and it collided into a wooden...