1. Mr. Salty

    Iowa's Ledges State Park

    Like a lot of people I picked up a Phantom 3 Standard on Black Friday. Living in central Iowa, it's been frustrating finding weather good enough to fly in. Sunday wasn't as warm as forecast, but I still went out for a short flight at Ledges State Park near Boone, Iowa. I'm still getting used to...
  2. M

    Phantom 3 Standard Lightbridge,Let's mod it together

    to be honest,i'm wasn't happy with the range of p3s,I saw on youtube with the title 'clonning lightbridge to P3S' and there are instructions to execute sh, but we have to put the script into the file system , but now can not access the firmware 1.7.9 via ftp as usual, we have to 'manual' ftp, is...