lost dji 4

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    I bought a refurbished Phantom 4 from the DJI website. Just a few flights in it lost GPS and never came back. Below is my flight record. Can anybody tell me if this was a drone error or pilot error? Thanks in advance! -Jay
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    Need some help please! Drone would not return home.

    Hi All, Long time lurker but just had the need to create an account. So here is my issue. I was using dronedeploy today and the drone seemed to have lost connection to the link so I initiated an RTH (returntohongkong) yet the P4P did nothing and would not return. (yes I did hold down the...
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    How can i find my drone?

    When i was flying over the city yesterday i lost gps and rc I could not do anything and do not know what happened. i lost the drone. Does anyone know what happened with the drone when i lose the gps and rc ? He hovered and landed after that she lost RC to ? I have the flyght record and the last...