long island

  1. Agent_Butterman

    New drone pilot from Long Island - looking for places to fly/TOH laws

    Hey everybody, I'm looking forward to becoming part of the community here. I'll first give a little background about myself. I'm 34 and currently a product/headshot/editorial photographer in Long Island NY and have been doing so over the last 6 years professionally. I'm new to drone's but...
  2. S

    Long Island, NY (Where can I fly?)

    I just received a Phantom 3 Standard for Christmas from my wife, and I really want to start flying it. After doing some research, I'm not sure where I'm allowed to fly and if I need permits to fly. I read about Suffolk county passing a bill about not being able to fly at beaches or parks. Then...
  3. J

    New Pilot in Maryland/Long Island

    Hey guys, JNG here. I just picked up a P3 4K and I'm looking for good places to shoot in Maryland/Long Island, NY.
  4. Rijana

    New yorkers..

    Hi all, Just received a new P3 advanced for my bday. Lovin it so far. Just wanted to see if theres anyone based on Long Island NY and can recommend their fav places to fly. Thanks much :)
  5. Jason Porembski

    Wantagh Park, Long Island, NY 4-12-16

    Took my P3S today to Wantagh Park. Nearly chickened out due to the wind and it was my first time taking her over the water. Phantom does extremely well in windy conditions. Enjoy