long distance

  1. NG Phantom

    3.5 miles out and back again with the Phantom 3 Standard

    A personal best range and distance that was achieved a few weeks ago. This was a waypoint mission using Litchi. Farthest waypoint was 3.5 miles or 5.7 km away. Total distance was 7 miles or 11.4 km or 37,400 ft.
  2. JonEQuest

    Modified GL300B /MAXX UAV & HD Tablet mount $190

    I no longer have a P3 so I am selling my Modified remote controller with Maxx UAV DBS-02 panel. This remote got me about 70% more distance than stock and works way better and more consistent than wind surfers. It also has a heavy duty aluminum phone tablet mount so that if you use a tablet it...
  3. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    Sunhaus/L-com 8.5db car mounted antennas 10,500ft test.

    Further testing of this set up with Sunhaus 3 watt. amps with external antennas.
  4. J

    How to get good long distance footage?

    I know the P4 has very limited range but when I got the litchi app I was hoping the "waypoints" flight option was my answer to get good quality long distance footage (by good quality I mean being able to pitch the gimbal down to look at a defined subject during the flight and not just staring at...
  5. Ed209

    9.23mi 40min Flight - Midnight Skunk Works!

    EDIT: Video posted. Took the SOLID P3A out to 9.23 miles tonight. A direct result of the collaboration of some of the brightest, most innovative and "balls-of-steel members" (you know who you are), "Midnight Skunk Works" has achieved a major accomplishment in less than perfect conditions...
  6. D

    DBS Mod is on the way. Any tips would be appreciated!

    Hello, I finally let curiosity get the best of me and ordered a Itelite DBS antenna mod. I've watched several videos on installation, and it doesn't look to difficult. But this is where i'm gonna leave it to the pros of the forum. Are there any tricks that will make this installation easier. I...
  7. Erroll

    Judging distance over water - not easy!

    I recently did a long distance flight out to sea to try and film a passing container vessel. As far as I could recall one can see close to 5km from sea level looking out to the horison, and having done 5km flights before, I thought that this would be doable. I lost sight of the ship on my iPad...
  8. J

    6.25 MILE Phantom 3 Flight this morning.

    Tried out my new antenna array from Horizon FPV.... Absolutely perfect connection entire flight. Had the usual technical difficulties again with my phone and DJI GO app freezing, so i lost my video and telemetry on the way back.