1. T

    Any ideas of cool places to fly?

    I live just south of London, uk, so this might not get too much attention due to the vast amount of Americans on here! I just need an idea of good places to fly that are interesting! I'm bored of flying on golf courses and just straight up over woodland!
  2. liamchad

    First Sunset Photos

    Rare bit of sun (for this time of year) in South London yesterday so managed to get my first sunset Photos with my P3s. Didn't quite have the camera settings right but a bit of tweaking in LightRoom for Android and they came out OK I think!
  3. liamchad

    First Time out of Beginner Mode

    Finally out of beginner mode, got some practice in yesterday. Just slowly building up distance and altitude. Tried out RTH and manual take off/landings. Captured this video, no editing yet but now ready to start making some edited and "cinematic" videos.... This forum has helped a HUGE amount...
  4. G

    New Phantom 4 Pro Plus owner

    Hi everyone Just became the proud owner of a P4P+ and thought I should join a forum. I havent even flown it yet due to being at work in daylight and poor weather all the other times. Today seems like a nice day though so after breakfast im going to have my first go. Any advice, tips, etc from...
  5. TTC Studio

    LONDON from above

    Hey all, Check out our latest video, this time from London. Hope you enjoy and leave a like and some feedback for a relatively new Phantom 3 Advanced user. Thanks a lot!
  6. D

    London Drone Flying Experience Request

    Hi, I am investigating the purchase of a drone (for the sake of the conversation lets say the Phantom Pro 4) . The drone will be used for my company to record various construction sites that we have been working on as a structural engineer. These locations are based throughout London, from...
  7. Victoria Park, London

    Victoria Park, London

    P4, April 2016
  8. Marla Bell

    Looking for meet up-teacher in London

    Hi all! Anyone piloting a DJI drone in London or near by? I need some help please Cheers Marla