1. stickybit

    Why destroy a lock when you just can move it?

    In the Netherlands we like our old buildings, bridges, fortresses and even our locks (those things you use to get a ship into "higher" water). Last year one of these old locks (built in 1930's) was cut in 4 pieces and moved 120 meters. Now it's a landmark, and that landmark I flew around and in...
  2. Steve_in_DE

    Flying indoors! P3 Advanced, DJI Go or Litchi, and course lock?

    OK here's the thing. I want to get a shot in an empty hotel ballroom. This room is about 100 feet long and 60 feet wide and 20 feet to the ceiling. My intention is to fly along a long wall, while focusing on the subject at the middle of the other long wall. So then I will be flying sideways...
  3. lil boss

    Pad Lock On DJI App Map

    What is the purpose of the little lock with the red and blue arrows which is inside the map ? Only thing I can figure is it lets the map rotate or locks it in place?? Trying to figure out why ? Thanks in advance... You all have a good day !
  4. b2photo

    Good travel lock for hard cases

    A friend bought these locks for his case (Nanuk 950) and just ordered a pair for myself as I have the same case. They have a a really heavy duty construction, fit the thickness of the lock holes great, and are TSA approved. In the past I had to use either smaller locks that were hard to put on...
  5. D

    GPS Lock on Phantom 3 Pro

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone had random GPS locking issues on their P3? Sometimes I will get a lock seconds after turning on, then others it will be mid flight when I see the number of GPS go up from zero. Other times I will drain battery and after second or third charge it will...