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    Marco Polo Trackers..... No Cell, No GPS, No Fees, 2 Mile Range

    Fly with peace of mind...... In the event of a fly away the Marco Polo tracker will take over and provide on screen directional info as well as signal strength (1-100) indication. On flat terrain you can expect 2+ miles of range. Take a look at our video of a very wooded rural locate at...
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    Always fly with a tracker onboard.

    Flyaways do happen..... Regardless of system failure or pilot error, many will find themselves experiencing that sinking feeling when your Phantom drifts off on its own. Most commercial pilots use our Marco Polo trackers on every job. Watch our video at www.UAVfind.com and see the Marco Polo...
  3. Skyler King III

    Locator for lost drones?

    Does anyone have any info on a locator for a lost drone? (I did not lose my (yet)). I was thinking of attaching one of the dog locators like Home | Loc8tor for Pets | World's Best Pet Trackers . I was concerned that there might be some interference created by this device and also Tile: | Tile -...