1. J

    Toronto GTA Drone Locations

    Hi there, just wondering if there are any cool locations to fly my phantom in the GTA or somewhere near Toronto without a big red circle saying its a no-fly zone. I have already went to a small town called Paris and Bond Lake.
  2. tml4191

    p4p w/o GPS

    I just flew my p4p in a remote waterfall location, and the p4p did not pick up any satellites until it was up in the air. Once it started flying, it connected to only about 6 or less satellites, but it later loss connection to those satellites. Even with obstacle avoidance and all the sensors...
  3. A

    Good apps to scout locations

    I find myself always hunting for good scenic spots and also suitable take off/land point near them. Do people have recommendations for apps or techniques they use to scout locations?
  4. WetDog

    GPS location

    Is there any way to determine a P3's current location via actual GPS coordinates without downloading the flight path to Google Earth? I would like a way to tell someone that the drone is hovering over a specific site in real time.
  5. Ramphex

    The Official Member Location Thread

    Hey guys, figured we can start up a thread with member locations so you can see other members in your area or near by. We'll keep it down to a county level so it doesn't get too complicated with updating. I'll update the main list once every couple of days. If you're interested in participating...
  6. Cthulhus

    Auto Flight Logic "Autopilot" : How to change the POI location?

    Hello, I would like to know how to change the position of the the POI ? By default the POI is set at the take off location. How to change it ? And another question, how to change the video's resolution ? By default is set on 1080p. I want to use 2.7k instead. Thanks :)