1. SoCalDude

    Local Store for Backpacks

    I'm interested in a Phantom 4 backpack and have narrowed my choices down to the Lowepro 450 and the Manfrotto D1 (yes, I know about the P4 battery pouches). Is there a local store anywhere in southern California that carries either of these in stock so that I can go and look at it (and possible...
  2. K

    An Insightful Look at Drone Legalities in the US

    An extremely in-depth and (mostly) objective article about drone laws in the US. It's a long one so I'll log the main points here if anyone wants a summary. Full-length article here: Is Flying a Drone Illegal? A Comprehensive Guide to America’s Drone Laws "Few (areas of government law) are so...
  3. F

    FAA tells local and state governments not to pass UAS laws

    http://www.faa.gov/uas/regulations_policies/media/UAS_Fact_Sheet_Final.pdf "Because Federal registration is the exclusive means for registering UAS for purposes of operating an aircraft in navigable airspace, no state or local government may impose an additional registration requirement on the...