1. D

    Facebook livestream

    For just over a year or so I am unable to Facebook livestream from my Phantom 4 Pro v2.0. I am using the GL300L controller with an IPad and DJI GO4 app. Everything I read online makes me think it’s something DJI has to fix in their Facebook developer account. Anyone know how to get this...
  2. frehr

    Livestream - how low latency/lagging

    Hi all I just tested the livestream feature. I can get as low as 9 sek delay from my ipad to Facebook stream (best) or Youtube stream (choppy), but I need to get lower. How low latency can you perform and IF you get under 9 sek - how did you do that? Cheers Jesper
  3. D

    Advanced Livestream Question

    Right, so firstly I have searched tirelessly for the last month and not learnt anything on this. I have a P4P with 4 x batteries, hooked up to an iPad Pro 10.5". I'm working outdoors and on the ocean. Here is what I want to do: Create a livestream, direct to Facebook, that is uninterrupted for...
  4. R

    Phantom 4 Pro Live Stream to nearby Projector/TV without using Internet

    I wanted to purchase Phantom 4 Pro for live streaming to nearby Projector/TV without using Internet as my work will be done in remote locations and there will be no internet. So what will be the best way to render good quality video on mainly Projector(/TV). Options what till now I can find on...
  5. DougAles

    Thank you -> onto Mavic

    Thank you to the members of this board. I lost my Phantom 3 Standard to King Triton in Lake Superior due to operator error, my error. I guess I need to join the Mavic group now. Wish we ware all one group. Here is a Facebook Livestream from my new Mavic Pro.
  6. B

    Live Aerial Traffic Cam, Syracuse, NY, April 3, 2017

    Here is a brief video taken near downtown Syracuse this morning, April 3, 2017, as broadcast live on SkyTubeLive. SkyTubeLive Flight Thanks, Brian
  7. B

    Syracuse, NY

    Hi all, It was a glorious day for flying in Syracuse, NY, this morning. Here you can see some video as live streamed to our site: SkyTubeLive Flight Thanks! Brian Free hats for pilots who live stream with our app! Instagram post by Brian...