live stream

  1. B

    San Antonio Sunset, as broadcast live, with musical accompaniment

    Hi all, A brief vid as live streamed at sunset last week in steamy San Antonio, TX. The music was added to the stream live in real time, ha ha. SkyTubeLive Flight Anyone can live stream your own flights with this capability, plus more features to come. Happy flying, y'all. Brian
  2. B

    Live Aerial Traffic Cam, Syracuse, NY, April 3, 2017

    Here is a brief video taken near downtown Syracuse this morning, April 3, 2017, as broadcast live on SkyTubeLive. SkyTubeLive Flight Thanks, Brian
  3. B

    Syracuse, NY

    Hi all, It was a glorious day for flying in Syracuse, NY, this morning. Here you can see some video as live streamed to our site: SkyTubeLive Flight Thanks! Brian Free hats for pilots who live stream with our app! Instagram post by Brian...
  4. B

    brief flight in Central NY

    Before the big snowstorm last week, I did a brief flight at Oneida Lake. It was really windy, and the drone was getting blown back away from the lake, so I didn't fly too long, plus brrrr it was cold. No editing, video shown exactly as live streamed. SkyTubeLive Flight Brian...
  5. Hammer

    Cool Forestry Equipment Demo | Feedback?

    Here is a short video that i edited of from a live demo forestry show that we were shooting. We had a live stream set up from our drone down to the booth where customers could watch the footage from the drone on Big screen tv. I always like to hear feedback from everyone here, so I you have...
  6. B

    Live Streaming App Looking for beta users, now with free hats!

    Hi all, SkyTubeLive is an android app allowing anyone to easily live stream your drone video to our site, where our convenient map-based interface lets anyone conveniently find and watch videos. It's a social streaming app and site by and for drone pilots. We currently support P3A, P3P, P4...
  7. B

    live streamed flight videos from today w/ new fallen snow

    Hi all, We live streamed a couple of short videos this morning over new fallen snow. Here are recorded links for the videos: SkyTubeLive Flight SkyTubeLive Flight SkyTubeLive is still taking beta testers for our live streaming app. If you're interested in live streaming with our Android app...
  8. DougAles

    Drone video

    In my video you will see me using the DJI Go app for a LiveStream to Facebook with my drone on a cold Wisconsin day as I fly around my neighborhood. Enjoy!
  9. B

    SkyTubeLive live streaming Android app, looking for beta testers

    Hi all, SkyTubeLive is an android app enabling live streaming from P3/P4/Inspire to our website, We are doing live demos today starting shortly at ~12pm EDT, 10/14/16, for a bit over an hour. We are looking for beta testers for the app. If interested, check out the stream...
  10. D

    Best and fastest way to live stream from Phantom 4?

    Hi, I would like to live stream video from my Phantom 4 to another screen inside the house and I would like to find out if any of you know of an elegant solution that does not require a physical cable between the receiver and the TV. I know you can add the HDMI module to the receiver and then...
  11. M

    P3 Standard Android Facebook Streaming

    Hi all I run on a Samsung S6 Edge and with the latest DJIGO app update it is meant to allow facebook live streaming, now I do have the feature within my menu settings however it is always greyed out and not a fuctioning feature. However if I use an iPhone 5s it works perfectly fine, I have seen...
  12. B

    live streaming app, looking for beta testers

    Hi all, SkyTubeLive offers an app allowing live streaming from your android device and P3/P4/Inspire drone to our site, We'll be adding an iOS version soon, as well as a professional version of the app that will allow you to stream to sites other than our own. We'll be...
  13. Rush Videos

    FB & Periscope Streaming

    Recently tested out the live steam feature Facebook offers with the iPhone. Using a phantom 3 4K it worked flawless. Periscope on the other hand, seems to be iffy at times. Would like to hear everyone else's experiences with both platforms.