litchi waypoint

  1. R

    Litchi waypoint missions ends prematurely

    I am flying a phantom 4 pro with latest updates using Litchi app - also recently updating. Today, I was flying a mission (that I have flown previously with success) and on three attempts the mission ended prematurely. I was 250 ft. AGL, not in any restricted zone and about 100 feet away from...
  2. Paul55

    Christmas Lights w/ LITCHI WayPoint (Day & Night)

    Just experimenting with LITCHI Waypoint Mode running identical mission daylight and at night.
  3. Z

    Almost lost my new Standard today during a mission

    Hi guys. I've got my new P3S two weeks ago and it's been so much fun learning it's features and having a lot of fun without incidents... so far. I prepared a waypoint mission for Litchi in the Mission hub today, it was a 4km roundtrip. I used a windsurfer and the papatita mod to extend the range...
  4. johnny21

    Litchi Waypoint missions

    I bought Litchi last week and so far I love it.It is expensive (25 euros) but worth the money. I executed 3 missions in the countryside and they went flawlessly. I'm experimenting with gimbal pitch now and I prefer "interpolate" than "focus POI" because with "interpolate" I can control the angle...