litchi vr

  1. DeweyAXD

    Freefly VR Beyond - Phone Headset (really great for Litchi VR mode!)

    Just wanted to share this review on here with my fellow flyers. I was given a sample of Freefly's new VR headset for smartphone while chatting to the Freefly guys at the UK Drone Show recently. I was really impressed with it. I must admit I kinda dismissed VR headsets for phones in general...
  2. B

    Gear VR functionality, stay tuned

    I just bought last week a Samsung Gear VR (Consumer Edition $99) and read a lot about using it as a FPV headset. The problem is that as soon as you place your phone on the VR, the Oculus app activates. I have a rooted Note 5, I turned off the Gear VR Service app, that way I can launch Litchi on...