litchi phantom3

  1. B

    litchi waypoint s6 tilt

    When creating waypoint in LItchi with samsung s6 and desiring to tilt -45 degrees, is there a way make the degrees negative so it will tilt down?
  2. The Suburban Hippie

    Limitations on Litchi for Windows IOS

    I am just putting this info up here for someone else. I looked here first, but couldn't find anything, and yes, I used the search tools. I wrote LItchi and as of this writing, Litchi for android has 4 more flight modes over the IOS platform. Litchi did not go over what those missing flight...
  3. D

    Hi all I'm new to drones and wondering about trusting Litchi

    My question is about litchi do people trust it as in if I set waypoints and I loose connection will it be ok ? I'm using a OS device Thanks
  4. T

    Litchi for Android 50% off 11/27/15 only

    Thought it was worth repeating here as the original post is within a long thread. Litchi for Android is 50% off on 11/27/2015 only. This is one of the premier 3rd party apps for the P3. It's usually $15 (plus $5 if you want Focus as a flight mode) and worth every penny and it's a steal at 50%...