1. tml4191

    HDMi Module...can I adjust the screen size?

    I have a lilliput 668gl 7 inch tft lcd monitor that is hooked up to my phantom. It cuts off the image a little bit on the sides. The only options on the monitor itself is pretty much changing the format from 16:9 to 4:3, or I'm missing the how to because I got this used. Does anyone know how I...
  2. I

    Black Pearl or Lilliput - which would you sell?

    Hi, I am about to list a Phantom 2 kit for sale on eBay. I have two Phantoms (long story) which are identical in all regards except the fpv monitor. One is a Black Pearl Diversity (32 channel), the other is a Lilliput (it doesn't seem to have a model number, though). Both Phantoms have 25mW TX...
  3. H

    Lillyput 664/w FPV setup Help

    Hi there everyone. I have been reading all of the forums on what to use with my 664/w. It seems that the Rx inside the monitor is not that good when paired with the 5.8GHz 7-Channel A/V Transmitter, 600mW (ImmersionRC) and everyone is leaning towards using the 5.8GHz 7-Channel A/V Transmitter...