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  1. G

    SOLD! P3P 4K, almost new with extra battery and hardcase backpack $635-shipped

    SOLD - Phantom 3 Professional, almost new, plus an extra battery, neckstrap and a hardcase backpack. I bought it new/refurbished from DJI a few weeks ago. It works and looks like new, I have only flown it about 6 times. I thought this hobby was for me, but there just aren’t many places I can...
  2. ReaperCrewMadden

    Phantom 3 Advance for sale

    Like Brand New DJI Phantom 3 Advance with Every Accessory!!! - DJI Phantom 3 Advance (looks Brand New) Accessories Include - HDMI Output Module (Phantom 3 Pro/Adv) = Retails ay $99.00 - Phantom 3 - 100W Battery Charger(Charges batteries faster) Also includes the standard Charger =...