1. RPP

    Langanes, Iceland

    Moody summer night at the northeastern tip of Iceland. Details in my blog post. Shot with DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2.
  2. Avocet

    Maine Coast: Cape Elizabeth Light

    I find filming the lighthouses a challenge, often more than a mile out to sea and the aeria perspective is refreshing. This one was closer but on private property.
  3. Osmosis

    A spin around a New England Lighthouse

  4. Camera King

    Postcard Perfect Coastline

    A most perfect day for flying along California's most postcard worthy Crescent City lighthouse and coastline. I would appreciate some honest feedback on this, but I am aware of the slight jittery effect on 2 of the clips in this video. I am assuming it is because I slowed them down to 1/2 speed...
  5. Avocet

    The Ultimate Summer Home ...

    This former lighthouse is now a summer home .. if you have 4k of course, please use it. HD res will work too but ... Henricks Head Light, Beach & Harbor ...
  6. Zen Ho

    Southernmost Hong Kong - Po Toi

    Southermost island in Hong Kong, beautiful landscape, famous spot for camping and photography
  7. Jupiter Lighthouse Apr. 2017 - YouTube

    Jupiter Lighthouse Apr. 2017 - YouTube

    Manual (no POI or Orbit) flight to and around the Jupiter Lighthouse... This was the first ever flight over there and around the lighthouse so I was happy wi...
  8. SoCalDude

    Point Vicente Lighthouse

    Hey folks, I'm just starting my YouTube channel and trying to build-up my subscriber base. Please subscribe and I'll reciprocate (just let me know). My channel is at: HB Aeronautical Here's my latest video at the Point Vicente Lighthouse in Rancho Palos Verdes, California...
  9. foxvalleypcgeek

    Lighthouse Videos

    A few of the lighthouse videos I have done. The most recent with the P4 and the other three with the P3P.