light bridge

  1. PhantomAirtime

    Any Phantom Pilots in Victor NY?

    I was given a souped-up Phantom, not sure what model but one of the earlier ones. It was upgraded with Light Bridge and stronger motors. Supposedly there is nothing wrong with it, just not flown in a while. Battery test good but when try to start up lights blink red saying battery bad. I fly...
  2. P

    ocusync vs lightbridge

    I saw the new DJI Mavic pro and I saw that it does not use lightbridge to transmit video but it used ocusync so I was wondering whats the difference between ocusync and lightbridge.
  3. easttxturtle

    Internal Blinking Light & Camera Issue

    I cant figure out why my camera is facing the wrong direction nor can I figure out what the blinking light is inside my p3p The outer shell was recently replaced and the gimble was as well. below are pics as well as a copy of the .txt file from the "hidden" log folder. Also in the text files one...
  4. WTFOver


    I have to ask the question and I'm sure some of you have had it cross your mind. With all the wrecked P3Pro/Adv parts out there I would really like to incorporate the light bridge components into a FPV set up say for my old Phantom 2 with 5.8g video setup. Any thoughts on why it can or can't be...