lg g4

  1. F

    DJI Go App - Android - LG G4 - Tutorials/Sim not working

    Have you guys are experiencing problems to run the simulator? No there is three horizontal lines on the top right of the screen that shows another menu Scan QR / Tutorial. But I can select none of them. So, I can not run simulator/tutorials. Someone having the same problem? It is working...
  2. B

    Figured out what was causing the "yo-yo" on my P4!

    SHORT FORM: RFI from my LG G4 phone was severely interfering with the GPS stabilization of the P4. LONG FORM: I was trying to guide my P4 through a long, narrow and winding creek covered with foliage, and before I could even begin the journey, the bird would jump up from 2-5 feet, all by...
  3. T

    Help LG G4 with P3P questions

    ok hello all, new to the phantom an need help. ok so few questions. 1. can you use the DJI go app with LG G4 and use all functions of the app. (currently not getting video, says no signal) 2. LG G4 is not on supported list will it damage any firmware if I do use it? ( already did) had video 1st...
  4. Kostas

    P3A go app with LG G4?

    Hi all. I ordered the P3A, I have the LG G4, it is the flag ship of LG at the moment. Will the DJI GO app work on it? Thanks!
  5. O

    Newbie Needs Firmware Help

    Purchased P3 Standard yesterday. Installed dji go on android smartphone (LG G4), update notice came up. Downloaded to device the update, followed instructions to connect to p3s via it's wifi. Updated started, got to 14% then error. Said to shut down all, reconnect and restart update process...