1. RWSmith

    Congested Area (CAA)

    Hello all, this is my first posting on this forum so this question also serves simultaneously as my greeting to you all. I've very recently purchased my first drone, a Phantom 3 Adv, and I'm rather keen to stay within the rules and regulations - getting shut down serves no purpose to anyone...
  2. I

    Legally selling your footage in the US

    Hello, I've had thoughts of getting my Drone Pilots license, but for now I've just been flying for fun with my DJI inspire 1 and getting footage for my own benefit. This last weekend, I got some amazing footage of my city's local river near flood stage and I did some editing and posted it on...
  3. R

    Flying in NFZ's

    Here's a simple how to video on flying your drone within 5 miles of an airport. Not all airports will grant you access so please follow the local law.