led cover

  1. B

    ISO P4P clear plastic Clip

    I am having trouble finding a replacement clear plastic clip on the end of the arm. Any ideas? Anyone have an extra?
  2. S

    Phantom 4 LED light covers and spare parts

    Hey everyone, new to the drone world and forum posting world. I'm missing a LED light cover for my Phantom 4 and wondering where on earth to find replacements? (or do phantom 3 covers match up?). Also looking to keep a few other spare parts on hand for the anticipation of something going wrong...
  3. Techcop50

    Who has parts for the Phantom 3?

    I can find all kinds of batteries and chargers, props and guards, and even complete Phantom 3 shell for about $100, but all I need is one LED cover for the rear lights on my P3 Standard. Anyone selling these, anywhere?