1. cyclehoarder

    3rd Effort Svannah GA, Tybee Island

    Well took my P3P with me on a recent business trip to Savannah and we have a half of a free day. So used the opportunity to get some more practice in. Still just trying to figure it all out.
  2. embayweather

    Professional Wind speeds for first flights

    i have my P3P now, indeed I have had it for a few weeks. But health problems, rain and now wind keeps it grounded. I have some experience flying RC helicopters. But this is a new experience. Can someone advise me what sort of winds I should start to fly in please? I know what is recommended but...
  3. seb evans

    feedback for future indoor drone racing, teaching etc.

    Hey fellow drone flyers, I have been looking into a possible business idea its in the very early stage and i need help from you all. What i need is an idea of how many people in the drone community would be willing to pay a membership annually for use of a drone racing track fully lit with led...
  4. N

    Beach Vibes - testing POI with the DJI Phantom 3 Standard

    I couldn't believe the light when I arrived at the beach, it was a great opportunity to fly and to capture some breathtaking views of the beach and my wife and kids playing in the water. It was also one of my most relaxed flights so far, as I'm starting to get used to the controls of the drone...
  5. R

    Professional Best way to learn and practice?

    Just got a new P3, is there a practice program and how do I know if the firmware needs updating?