learning to fly

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    Langley BC Drone Flying

    Hi, Im new to this and was wondering if any one puts on a class or instruction on flying. I am willing to pay as the amount of money this drone is worth i dont want ot crash it on first flight :) Thanks in advance. I bought this a while back and have been just to busy but now i have a little...
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    Beach Vibes - testing POI with the DJI Phantom 3 Standard

    I couldn't believe the light when I arrived at the beach, it was a great opportunity to fly and to capture some breathtaking views of the beach and my wife and kids playing in the water. It was also one of my most relaxed flights so far, as I'm starting to get used to the controls of the drone...
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    Any S.E. Wisconsin P3 pilots available to train? Nepal Project

    Any RC Drone fliers out there flying Phantom 3's? Wanna save a region's economy? Working an outreach project on the other side of the world from Wisconsin. American team heading to Nepal to map a potentially hazardous lake ready to flood a region if a glacier "plug" lets go due to global...