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  1. j.razz1

    What Are Your Favorite Techniques for Filming?

    I'll share two of my favorite below and how I achieve them. Be sure to add your own! I personally like slow and steady straight line shots. They prove to be smooth, and, if held at a constant speed, tend to be pleasing to the eye: The way I achieve them is by flying out to the end of my shot...
  2. eneilsen

    learning to fly... what are the best drones to cut your teeth on?

    I learned on a hubsan x4. great drone for about $60. camera quality was abysmal, flight time was about 4-5 minutes, and it was incredibly hard to control the thing with any amount of wind. But that is exactly why i loved it. cheap, really powerful (for something that fits in one hand), and...
  3. U

    Good News

    Phantom Navigation Stickers are now available. Have a look here.