1. cakeonrice

    LCD Screen Replacement [Phantom 4 Remote with Display]

    I had an accident and my LCD on my controller cracked. I've been googling and googling and haven't been able to find a proper LCD replacement. The closest I've found is the entire arm and LCD shell, but it's more than $300 USD. I only need the LCD screen... or even just the glass! Other info...
  2. dotster77

    promotion ended

    promotion ended..
  3. J

    Gopro Hero 4 black plus xtra 5.4mm lens / 2 SRP ND filters / LCD back

    A used but working perfectly gopro 4 black with the original lens and the 5.4mm lens that removes all fish eye! The SRP ND filters are the best. Plus the LCD is attachable on the back and included are various mounts. I am in London and can ship in the UK. £299