1. L

    What is the best resource for service agreements and other forms?

    Hello All! I recently received my Part 107 license and have started a local drone photography company in Georgia. Does anyone know of a place that has service agreements or contracts that can be customized? Hoping there are some options out there to assist with these forms! Forms requested...
  2. jlazz447

    (Need Advice) Commercial Shoot of Private Property

    Hello All! I have a difficult question I was hoping someone could shed some light on for me... I was recently contacted by a production company that wanted to use my drone video they saw online for part of a episode in their upcoming television show. The video was taken about a year ago and...
  3. Enrico Schaefer

    Learn to File your own Part 107 Waivers with the FAA

    If you are a commercial drone operator, or part 107 Pilot, you will need ATC airspace permissions in controlled airspace (Class B, C, D and E surface area) and your basic Part 107 Waivers (under 14 CFR Part 107, Subpart D). The FAA suggests you obtain ATC permission 90 days prior to the start...