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    Standard 3 unable to connect to pc emulator

    I have been trying to use my laptop to get the feed from my standard 3, since my ellipsis 8 tablet has lag that makes it impossible to fly. I downloaded bluestacks, which is an android emulator, and it connects to the wifi from the RC but there is no feed from the camera when I enter the...
  2. C

    Laptop viewing for P3P video

    If DJI has done this already, please tell me! I would really like the ability for a laptop to receive the video stream from the drone and show it live. Is there USB plug-in of any sort that could intercept and display this live stream?
  3. M

    Phantom 3 battery powering my laptop (HELP!)

    I have been researching this all night and I wanted to see what you thought... I want to use my phantom 3 batteries to power my 13" Zenbook while I am traveling in china next month (yes I know they make external laptop batteries). I am traveling light... I am only bringing my: p3, a7s, 5d3...