1. Off to Work

    Off to Work

    Airspeed3D (Facebook) is at work filming a large piece of land.
  2. S

    Please Help!!

    We took our P3P of for a flight today, first time in about 3 weeks. We started her up, calibration done as usual and sent her up. She was up for bout 2 ni s, at a night of about 25 meters and above a river. The controller the stated “Landing”. No buttons had been pressed! We tried to cancel the...
  3. S

    Guyton, Georgia A Look At Land

    Hi all, I need a good look at some land I just bought, site unseen! We live out west currently, but we've been looking for land for almost a year in the Effingham County area. We finally found a piece, put in and got our offer accepted. Now the real problem: we have differing reports from our...
  4. SoCalDude

    Land Drone on Moving Vehicle (30 mph/50 km/h)

  5. Mork

    Landing - grabbing P3P out of the air

    When I was flying my P2V+ and didn't want to land it I just grabbed my phantom P2 And used the power on-off button on the battery to stop my phantom. Ideal when on a boat or another not so good landing surface area. But with my P3P this is not possible anymore?!? It won't go power off with...